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The following is a respective list of both the licences boxers and the fictional story/champion mode boxers within Fight Night Champion. Their overall skills/athleticism rating is also provided (out of 100). In total, there are 82 Boxers available up to date. However, some can only be unlocked through DLC. The fictional story/champion mode boxers can either be purchased or can be unlocked for free by beating the Champion Mode. In addition to this, the player has the ability to create their own boxer or download other peoples created boxers for free.

There are 7 weight divisions. This includes, Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, and Bantamweight.


Muhammad Ali (overall 93)

Mike Tyson (overall 92)

David Haye (overall 86)

Joe Frazier (overall 88)

Lennox Lewis (overall 85)

Eddie Chambers (overall 79)

Tommy Morrison (overall 84)

Young George Foreman (overall 85)

Old George Foreman (overall 84)

Vitali Klitschko (overall 84)

Wladimir Klitschko (overall 85)

Cristobal Arreola (overall 78)

Evander Holyfield (overall 90)

Sonny Liston (overall 82)

Butterbean/Eric Esch (overall 74)

Jack Johnson (overall 90) (DLC)

Rocky Marciano (overall 90) (DLC)

Joe Louis (overall 91) (DLC)

Jack Dempsey (overall 87) (DLC)

Floyd Patterson (overall 90) (DLC)

Andre Bishop (overall 93) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Isaac Frost (overall 95) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Kobe Nichols (overall 90) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Meldrick Johnson (overall 88) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Raul Castillo (overall 87) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Reggie Stewart (overall 88) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Dwight Cooper (overall 88) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Antonio Chavez (overall 82) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Light HeavyweightEdit

Roy Jones, Jr. (overall 93)

Joe Calzaghe (overall 89)

Bernard Hopkins (overall 90)

Chad Dawson (overall 89)


Sugar Ray Robinson (overall 96)

Sugar Ray Leonard (overall 93)

Roy Jones, Jr. (overall 94)

Marvin Hagler (overall 93)

Thomas Hearns (overall 89)

Bernard Hopkins (overall 92)

Fernando Vargas (overall 86)

Erislandy Lara (overall 86)

Daniel Jacobs (overall 85)

Ronald Wright/Winky Wright (overall 87)

Anthony Mundine (overall 84)

Sergio Mora (overall 84)

Kelly Pavlik (overall 86)

Peter Manfredo, Jr. (overall 84)

Jermain Taylor (overall 84)

Carlos Monzon (overall 89)

Jake LaMotta (overall 87)

Andre Bishop (overall 95) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Wilfred Rosario (overall 87) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Mike Walker (overall 87) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Lucius Palmer (overall 87) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Keyshawn Hayes (overall 90) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)

Ricardo Alvarez (overall 90) (Fictional Story/Champion mode Boxer)


Manny Pacquiao (overall 93)

Pernell Whitaker (overall 93)

Sugar Ray Leonard (overall 92)

Oscar De La Hoya (overall 92)

Thomas Hearns (overall 92)

Roberto Duran (overall 91)

Tim Bradley (overall 90)

Julio Cesar Chavez (overall 90)

Zab Judah (overall 89)

Victor Ortiz (overall 87)

Shane Mosley (overall 88)

Miguel Cotto (overall 88)

Ricky Hatton (overall 85)

Emanuel Augustus (overall 83)

Kendall Holt (overall 85)


Pernell Whitaker (overall 94)

Roberto Duran (overall 93)

Manny Pacquiao (overall 93)

Oscar De La Hoya (overall 89)

Robert Guerrero (overall 87)

Diego Corrales (overall 88)

Jesse James Leija (overall 86)

Vinny Paz (overall 86)


Yuriorkis Gamboa (overall 93)

Manny Pacquiao (overall 93)

Kevin Kelly (overall 87)

Billy Dib (overall 83)


Nonito Donaire (total 89)

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